Education in Chemistry

Lund University

Career prospects

Chemists are key people in the future environmental work and for producing new medicines new materials and sustainable fuels.

It has become increasingly important to measure the presence of small amounts of harmful substances in very complex samples. This requires constant development of chemical analysis and scientists who can interpret and evaluate analysis results and make relevant risk assessments. In order to achieve a sustainable development, we need chemists to come up with new, better ways to produce the chemical substances and materials we need in society.

The biotechnical, food and pharmaceutical industry has a constant need for chemical expertise. These are areas that are currently expanding in the world, not the least in Sweden and in the Öresund region.

MAX IV and the future research facilitie in Lund, ESS, are and will be a great advantage for chemists who wants to work within in eg. the material science area.

PhD studies

If you want to continue your studies at post graduate level the Department of Chemistry at Lund University offers a post graduate education of very high quality. The PhD program comprises 240 credits, which normally corresponds to four years of studies. After completing your post graduate studies you will receive a doctoral degree, the highest academic degree you can get.

Post graduate studies at the Department of Chemistry

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