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Research projects

Advanced level Project Works and Special Courses are open for application for students admitted to the Master's Programmes in Chemistry, Protein Science and Organizing Molecular Matter at Lund University. The first cycle Project Work is open for application for students admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry (KEMI and KEMO) at Lund University.

Degree Projects for Master's and Bachelor's Degrees should mainly be applied for via ( If a suitable project appears with short notice, it's possible to apply for a Degree Project via this site.

In order to be eligible for the courses mentioned above, you have to fulfil the qualifications and arrange a position, supervisor and examiner by yourself.


  • Take contact with Sophie Manner to check if you fulfil the prerequisites for the project/course you intend to apply for.
  • Contact a suitable research group in order to arrange a position and discuss the arrangement for the project. You need a supervisor and an examiner. If you arrange a position outside the Department of Chemistry, you have the supervisor where the project is performed and the examiner at the Department of Chemistry.
  • When you have checked the eligibility and arranged a position you should download a registration form (right column) and have it signed by Sophie Manner confirming that you are qualified to perform the project. Then the registration form has to been signed by the examiner, and given back to the study counsellor or the Student Administration Office (Annelie Raimer).
  • If you intend to perform the project during summer, the registration form should be provided no later than June 15th.

Course design and assessment

Information regarding course design and assessment can be found in respective syllabus (right column).

When the project/course is accomplished and passed, the examiner should fill in an assessment protocol (right column), sign it and leave it to the Student Administration Office.

Bachelor's level projects

  • Project Work: KEMH00, 15 credits (from spring 2019)
  • Degree Projects: KEMK0X 15 credits or KEML0X 30 credits (until spring 2019)
  • Degree Projects: KEMK10 15 credits or KEML10 30 credits (from autumn 2019)

Master's level Projects and Courses

For further information regarding respective Degree Project, Project Work or Special Course, see syllabuses (right column).

Degree Projects

  • Master's Degree Projects in Chemistry: KEMR1X 30 credits, KEMR3X 60 credits (until spring 2019)
  • Master's Degree Projects in Chemistry: KEMR10 30 credits, KEMR20 30 credits, KEMR45 45 credits and KEMR30 60 credits (from autumn 2019)
  • Master's Degree Projects in Protein Science: KEMT10 30 credits and KEMT30 60 credits.
  • Master's Degree Projects in Organizing Molecular Matter: KEMN10 30 credits and KEMN30 60 credits.

Project Works

  • Project Work in Chemistry: KEMP1X 15 credits, KEMP3X 30 credits (until spring 2019)
  • Project Work in Chemistry: KEMP20 15 credits, KEMP60 15 credits and KEMP30 30 credits (from autumn 2019)
  • Project Work in Protein Science: KEMP42 30 credits.
  • Project Work in Organizing Molecular Matter: KEMP50 15 credits and KEMP52 30 credits.

Special Courses

  • Special Course 1, 7,5 credits
  • Special Course 2, 15 credits
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