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Nicolas Velasquez

Nicolas Velasquez - MSCA SMART-X ITN fellow

My bachelor’s degree is in: Physical Chemistry
My bachelor’s degree is from: Lunds Universitet, Sverige
I graduated year: 2018
My master’s degree is in: Chemical Physics
My master’s degree is from: Lunds Universitet, Sverige
I graduated year: 2020

Nicolas Velsaquez. Foto.
Nicolas Velsaquez. Foto.

I am now a MSCA SMART-X ITN fellow, employed by CNRS and doing a PhD at Sorbonne Université in Paris, France. I started a short period after finishing my Master degree at Lund. My studies in Lund, at the division of Chemical Physics, concerned the field of X-ray spectroscopy. From this, I have made great use of all the tools I picked up during my Master and internships with my then supervisor and co-supervisor Jens Uhlig and Meiyuan Guo.
My current project at the Laboratoire de Chimie Physique-Matière et Rayonnement (LCPMR), within the Physical Chemistry field, is also within the X-ray spectroscopy discipline. Now I am investigating attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules and organic polymers using the core-hole-clock spectroscopy method with synchrotron radiation.

The best things with my bachelor's/master's programme and my time in Lund.

During the five years I spent in Lund, I have many things to be grateful for. I started as a Molecular Biology major, and when I realized I really loved Chemistry, both student advisors from the Biology and Chemistry department, helped me with the (seamless) transition between majors. I would like also to take the opportunity to thank my Bachelor and Master thesis supervisors, Emma Sparr and Jens Uhlig for having sparked a deeper interest in the Physics side of Chemistry. Also, an integral part of the education who I think deserve more recognition are the lab instructors who must deal with so much while also taking care of their projects.

Why should prospective students choose to study Chemistry at Lund University?

You should choose chemistry, not only because it is the central science and it encompasses from biology, to maths, to physics, but also because it’s fun, and it has a bit of everything for everyone.
Regardless of your academic orientation, education at Lund University is excellent, and whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy it, and even after the five years, you’ll find yourself thinking back on it.