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Important information

As a student at the Department of chemstry there is some important infomation you need to be aware of, that is collected here. Among other things it covers safety, your rights and obligations and who to contact if you have felt discriminated against. 

If you are looking for information regarding the student account or portal, the LU card, lockers, lab coats, study rooms or lunch rooms you will find this under Practcal information in the menu. 


As a chemist it is not unusual to work with chemicals or equipment that carry some form of risk, such as using poisonous chemicals, working with high pressure or liquid nitrogen. For this reason it is important for everyone at the Chemical centre to be aware of the risks of what they are working with and what to do in case something goes wrong, so that the Chemical centre can continue to be a safe work and study environment for everyone. 

Everyone at the Chemical centre must have read and be familiar with the general safety regulations, see link to the right (below for mobile), and as a student you will need to sign a confirmation that your have read them in every course that includes laboratory work.  


If you hear the alarm in the part of the Chemical centre where you are you should immediately finish what you are doing in a safe way, for example turn off the gas if you are working with an open flame, leave the building and make your way to one of two reassembly points, depending where in the Chemical centre you are. Which reassembly point you should go to you can find here:

Reassembly points

The Chemical centre is a large building and it is good to know that just because the alarm goes off in one part of the building does not automatically mean that the whole building needs to be evacuated. If you notice the alarm going off somewhere else, but can not hear any alarms in the part that you are in, you can thus keep working as normal.


As a regular student (meaning non-exchange student) at Lund University you are insured by the university during the daytime hours you spend there, as well as while travelling directly between your accommodation and the university, as well as during exchange studies arranged by Lund University. It is important that you also have home insurance that also covers accidents so that you are also insured during your free time.  More information about insurance at Lund University in Swedish can be found here:

Insurance at Lund University (in Swedish)

Information about insurance for international students, in English, can be found here:

Insurance for international students at Lund University

Your rights and obligations

The department where you are studying is your workplace, so like teachers and other employees you must not be subject to discrimination, victimisation or harassment. As a student you also have rights regarding your education, for example regarding work envrionment or carrying out exams or degree projects. At the same time you have some obligations, for example relating to cheating, disruptive behaviour and harassment. To the right (below for mobile) you will find the list of rights for students at Lund University. You can also find more information here:

Student rights at Lund University

Who to contact? 

Discrimination, victimisation or harassment

If you feel that you have been subject to discrimination, victimisation or harassment you can contact the Head of department Leif Bülow directly, as he is responsible for all aspects of education at the Department of chemistry. You are always welcome to talk to the Director of studies Sophie Manner or to contact the Student's union safety officer at chemistry David Pålsson/Vendela Gustavsson (

If you feel that you are not being treated fairly, or if you are suspected to not have fulfilled your obligations

You should first try to resolve the situation where it has occured. If, for example, the issue arose in a course you should discuss a possible solution with the coure coordinator for that course. If you do not feel comfortable doing so or you feel that you are still being treated unfairly, despite discussions with the teacher, you can contact Director of studies Sophie Manner at the student office. If necessary they will help you take your concerns to the Head of department, Leif Bülow. 

If you need help to talk to your department

The Science student union KERUB and LUNA can help you with support and guidance. LUNA can also help you get in touch with the Student ombudsman at Lund University, who can help you with issues that can be appealed after the department has made a desicion or help you if you have been reported suspected of cheating to the Disciplinary board.