Education in Chemistry

Lund University

Practical information

While studying at the Chemical centre there are a number of things it is necessary to know about, and some useful information that makes life here more practical. We have collected such information here. 

If you are looking for information about safety or your rights and obligations you will find that under Important information in the menu. 

The Student account and Student portal

As a student at Lund university you are provided with an IT-account, which means you only need one log in for e-mail, the Student portal, file storage, the LU-card, the computer rooms and library services. The Student account is created when you are admitted to Lund University, a few days after you have recieved your final offer of admission. When the account is created you will recieve and e-mail to the adress you filled in when applying to Lund University with instructions for how to activate your account.  

When you have activated your Student account you can log in to the Studen portal where you can see your courses, sign up for exams and print a transcript of records.

Log in to the Student portal

More information about the Student account and portal

Verify your e-mailadress in the Student portal

It is important that you as a student verify that you have a valid e-mailadress registered in the Student portal, since it will be used for communication by the university and the department. Log in to the Student portal through, click the tab ”Ladok” and then "My pages". To change your e-mail adress you click ”Change contact channels”.

The LU-kortet: access card and library card

All students and employees at Lund University have a personal access card, which among other things functions as an ID-card within the university and access card to all areas you need access to during your education. The card also functions as a library card for all the university's libraries. 

You need to get the LU-card yourself, which you can do at a number of card stations located in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. 

Where to get the LU-card, what to do if you have lost it and any other information about the card can be found here:

The LU-card


All around the Chemical centre there are lockers that can be used to store bags and coats while you are in labs, and to store your lab coat at other times. Bring a padlock, put it on an unused locker and it is yours. 

Emptying lockers

The lockers are emptied by the caretakers before summer every year, usually during the first week of June. 
Make sure to take all your possessions with you before that so that you do not risk loosing anything. 

Lab coats

Most courses at the Chemical centre contain labs. For this all students need lab coats, that they may borrow during the academic year. During the first semester of the bachelor's programme all students are provided with lab coats for their first lab, all other semesters you have to pick up a lab coat yourself. At the end of the year all lab coats have to be returned for washing.  

Collecting and returning your lab coat

Lab coats can be picked up during the first week of the semester and returned the last week of the semester at the lab coat storage room on floor -1, about 50 m before the caretaker's office. If you miss collecting a lab coat during the first week of the semester it is possible to collect a lab coat at the information desk every Monday at 12:05. 

Computer rooms and printers

The Chemical centre has several computer rooms that are marked on the map. When these are not booked they are available for use by all students and you gain access to them with your LU-card. You log in to the computers using the user name and password for your student account and your settings, saved files etc are accessible regardless of what computer you log in to. 

All computer rooms contain a printer and the computer rooms Te (Tellurium) and Sb (Stibium) also have a scanner. If you need copies or need to print in colour this can be done in computer room Na (Natrium) and in the Chemical centre library. All printers at the Chemical centre are connected to PaperCut, which manages printing by different printers as well as payment. More information can be found here

Study rooms and group study rooms

Around the Chemical centre there are chairs and tables where you can study, do group projects or have lunch. But if you want somewhere more secluded for your studies, on your own or in a group, there are a number of study rooms and group study rooms available. 

Study rooms

To the right of entrance C, in the heavens (floor +1, up the stairs outside CAS) and in the library there are desks for individual study. While you should refrain from causing unnecessary noise in all these areas the individual study area by entrance C is especially designed to be a silent study area, with wall panels that dampen sound, and here it is especially important to keep noise to a minimum and all electronics in silent mode. All study rooms have desks with a light and sockets for plugs and USB. There are also some armchairs in all these areas. In the heavens study room there are also some tables with whiteboards for work in a group.

Group study rooms

By the information desk in the middle of the Chemical centre and by entrance C there are several smaller group study rooms. Apart from tables and chairs they are all equipped with a whiteboard, to make working in a group easier. 


The Chemical centre has its own lunch restaurant, Café Ester, which has coffee, sandwiches, a vegetarian lunch buffe and much more. 

If you are bringing your own lunch there is a newly build lunchroom to the right of entrance C, where there are also fridges to keep your lunchbox in and microwaves for heating your food.