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What is SI?

SI stands for Supplemental Instruction and is based on collaborative learning. It is a part of the initial courses of our bachelor's programme, KEMA20 and KEMA01, and means that a student that has taken the course previously regularly leads a group of 5-15 students currently taking the course. The work in this study group is primarily directed by its members, things in the course they find difficult or want help with, but the leader also prepares exercises in case the group have no specific requests. The group then work through these things together. The student leader is not a teacher, but works more like a mentor or someone to bounce ideas off of. 

Lund University is a Eurpean centre for this methods and more information about SI can be found on their webpage:

About SI

To work as an SI leader

To be an SI leader at the Department och chemistry you need to be able to speak Swedish, as SI is only a part of courses taught in Swedish. If you are still interested below is a short description of what it means to be an SI leader, with a link to more information. You can also be and SI leader in schools and the link below also contains some information about that. 

As an SI leader you are in charge of a number of study groups in the courses KEMA20 and KEMA01, where you together discuss different exercises in the course. You are not a teacher, the students should discuss and arrive at solutions themselves, you are there as someone to guide the students in their discussion. Before, during and after the course you keep in close contact with the course coordinator och with the contact at your department, Sophie Manner, which supervises all SI leaders and has regular meetings with them, where they can meet and exchange experiences. More information can be found here: 

To work as an SI leader