Education in Chemistry

Lund University


University studies should be a positive experience with equal conditions for all and we want all our students to feel both physically and psychologically well during their time here. If you need support during the course of your studies there is a lot of help available. On the right (below for mobile) there is a more complete list of all types of support available at Lund University.

Student health counselling

This is the place to turn to if you are worried, stressed, experience performance anxiety or otherwise feel troubled or want to alter your lifestyle. All information shared is held in strict confidence and they are there if you need someone to talk to or help finding the right help, but also hold courses and lectures and give some treatment online. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you feel your studies are starting to be affected, you are supposed to feel well during your studies. 

Learning support

If you have or are being investigated for a permanent disability, such as dyslexia, ADHD or some form of physical impairment, you can apply for learning support. They can help you with many types of support, such as note-taking or different types of special arrangements for exams. You must be able to show a certificate of your disability from a doctor or similar and remember you must apply for support at least two weeks before your course starts. 

The Academic Support Centre

The academic support centre can help you with good study practices, help improve your writing or your presentations. They provide individual consultations and you can contact them if you have questions about any type of text you are required to write, from clarifying instructions to structuring you text and help with the writing process. These things and are also coverend in various workshops and seminars they offer.