Education in Chemistry

Lund University

The student union

KERUB is a chemist education student organisation that is part of the student's union for the Faculty of science (LUNA) and also serves as a link between staff and students. Our primary mission is to monitor chemistry education in order to maintain a high quality, both in specific courses and in the education as a whole, and to ensure that the department follows the list of student rights.

KERUB have representatives in various groups, boards and agencies at Kemicentrum (KC), including the committee for education (the GU-committee) and the health, enviornment and safety committee (the HMS-committee), and can thus have a voice in education content and structure.

We are constantly working actively to improve the conditions and environment for you as a student, even if it is not always noticeable, and also place a lot of focus on course evaluations. We have two representatives in the union's representative college, the highest desicion-making body of the union. 

Apart from monitoring chemistry education we also arrange social activities for our members. Examples include sittings and table tennis (we have our own table for it), as well as study nights. 

We also have student safety officers, David Pålsson/Vendela Gustavsson, that you can contact if you feel you are being treated badly, or if you have been subject to discrimination, vicitmisation or harassment. The student safety officers treat all such contact as confidential and they can also in many cases progress with the case without revealing your identity, but will do nothing without your consent. More information can be found on the LUNA webpage.

If you're interested in learning more, be active, have questions or are just curious about who we are, don't hesitate to contact us. Our board room is located by the lunchroom by entrance C at the Chemical centre and we are usually there Monday-Friday at around 12-1 pm. Feel free to come say hi!

You also welcome to contact us by email:

You are of course also welcome to contact your union if you have any questions.