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Approved leave from studies

As a student it can sometimes be necessary to take a break from your studies for a variety of reasons, such as sick leave, work or pregnancy. It is then possible to apply for approved leave from studies, which means that you temporarily suspend your ongoing studies in a specific programme, with the intention to come back to it at a later date. You need to apply for approved leave from studies and if you get your application approved you have a guaranteed spot upon your return. If your approved leave from studies is granted without a guaranteed spot it is still possible to return to your studies, but only if there are spots available. 

Below you will find information about when you may be granted approved leave from studies, how to apply and what you need to do when you wish to resume your studies. 

Reasons for an approved leave from studies

To be granted an approved leave from studies there needs to be a special reasons that can be confirmed with a certificate or simiar. Special reasons for an approved leave from studies can be, and should be certified, according to the following:

  • Social reasons: requires a personal letter as well as certificate that certifies that given reason.
  • Medical reasons: applicant's illness requires a doctor's certificate or equivalent. 
  • Child care according to paragraph 1 of the Swedish law about parental leave "Föräldraledighetslagen": certified through a personal account and birth certificate for the applicant and the child. 
  • Military or civil service or other service of a similar compulsory nature: includes both basic and repetition training. Certified by a copy of a "Desicion of enlistment" or similar document where date of enlistment is clear.
  • Temporary employment according to paragraph 12 of the law (2012:332) about certain military positions or military service for those employed as intermitently active group command, soldier or seaman according to this law: certified by employment contract. 
  • Positions in the student's union: the position and its extent is certified by the student's union.
  • Postponed leave according to the law about employee's right to leave for studies SFS 1974:981: certified by desicion from employer to not approve leave.

Applying for approved leave from studies

To be granted approved leave from studies you need to apply for it by handing in a filled in form, see below, as well as relevant documentation certifying your reason, to the Director of Studies or the Study administrator. You should apply well before you need the approved leave.

Form for approved leave from studies (in Swedish)

If you get student benefits or loans from CSN remember to notify them about your approved leave from studies.

If your application is denied it is possible to appeal this desicion to the Higher Education Appeals Board. 

Returning to your studies

When you plan to return to your programme studies you have to apply for the courses you will be taking as normal, according to information that can be found here