Education in Chemistry

Lund University

Bachelor's programmes

A bachelor's programme corresponds to three years full time studies and leads up to a bachelor's degree. A block of compulsory courses provide a compehensive foundation in chemistry, together with optional courses that allow for specialisation. A degree project, an independent research project carried out in a research group, marks the end of the bachelor's programme.

Syllabus for bachelor's programmes in science

After obtaining a bachelor's degree students can then apply for a master's programme, corresponding to two years full time studies. 

The bachelor's programmes in chemistry are taught in Swedish. While some information can be found here, more details are for this reason available on the Swedish versions of the webpages for the bachelor's programmes.

One programme - two different tracks

Within the bachelor's programme in science students can study chemistry in two different tracks: chemistry or chemistry and molecular biology. Both tracks focus on the molecular level, with a large focus on experimental work and problem solving. 

Programme information

The webpage for each bachelor's programme track contains more information about programme structure and degree requirements. Information about the application process can be found here

Programme structure

The two bachelor's programmes chemistry and chemistry and molecular biology contain a number of compulsory courses, a compulsory degree project and a number of ETCS credits worth of optional courses. These are all organised in a recommended programme structure that can be found in the webpage for each track in the menu. This structure is only recommended, with possibilities to take the courses in a different order provided that the student meets the entry requirements for each course. It is, for example, possible to do the degree project over summer. Information regarding degree projects can be found on the degree project webpage in the menu. As all students apply for the courses they wish to take each semester they can manage this themselves. 

What is taught?