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KEMM21 Advanced organic chemistry

The course is worth 15 credits and runs full time during the first half of the spring semester.

This course will provide you with synthetic tools to master functional group transformations and carbon-carbon bond formations on a high level. It will give you an orientation about how to perform multistep synthesis and retrosynthetic analysis will be one tool. Until now most of the reaction mechanism that you have been exposed to have been presented without experimental proofs. In this course you will be provided with a toolbox for how to decipher the reaction mechanism experimentally.


It is compulsory to register for the exams. Registration is made through the student portal. More information and the exam schedule can be found on the page: Exams

Registration for the exams opens three weeks before the exam date and closes one week before the exam.


In case of absence

In case you are ill or will miss the mandatory labs for any other reason you should contact course assistant Anna Lidskog and state the reason for absence. 

Course material and communication

Online course material can be found on the course webpage, which you reach through the login to the right (below for mobile). Communication with registered students will occur at lectures. 

The lesson plan for the course can be found here:

Lesson plan

Repetition of the basic course, KEMB21

For a basic repetition of the previous course, KEMB21, se the following document: 

Exercise 0. Revision KEMB21

For course content of KEMB21, see their webpage. Please note that as this course is taught in Swedish the webpage is only available in Swedish:



KEMM21 Advanced Organic Chemistry replaces KEMM01 Organic Chemistry - Advanced course from spring term 2020.

Course coordinator

Kenneth Wärnmark
046-222 82 17



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Course literature

Clayden J., Greeves N. and Warren S.
Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition
Oxford University Press 2012

Course compendium
(Available to buy from MediaTryck at entrance E)

Course assistants

Olivier Bonjour 

Yutang Li (Vicky) 

Anna Lidskog 

Lab engineer

Saywan Jamal
046-222 83 59 

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