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Optical Methods in Molecular Spectroscopy, 15 credits

KEMM19 Optical Methods in Molecular Spectroscopy is replaced by KEMM29 Molecular Spectroscopy - Methods and Applications from autumn term 2019. KEMM29 is given for the first time spring term 2020.



Course Coordinator

Donatas Zigmantas
046-222 47 39

Course literature

Atkins, P.W. & De Paula, J.
Physical Chemistry
Latest edition. Oxford University Press

Course literature E-books

The following titles are available as e-books in Lund University Library's electronic collection ELIN.

Wolfgang Demtröder
Laser spectroscopy, vol.1, Basic principles

Bernard Valeur
Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications

Claude Rulliere
Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Principles if Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Other Lecturers

Tõnu Pullerits,
046-222 81 31

Ivan Scheblykin
046-222 48 48

Jens Uhlig
046-222 77 20

Arkady Yartsev
046-222 08 65

Course Representative