Education in Chemistry

Lund University


We offer a wide range of courses in chemistry at the basic and advanced level. Generally basic level courses are taught in Swedish, while those at advanced level are taught in English. The exceptions are the basic level courses Experimental protein chemistry (KEMC03), which is taught in English, and Chemistry of the cell (MOBA02), which is taught in English during the autumn and Swedish during spring. 

Information about the course cooridnator, schedule, whom to inform in case of absence and much more can be found on the webpage for each course, that you find under Basic level courses and Advanced level courses in the menu, where you can also see when the courses run. Please note that the course webpages are only available in the language that they are taught. 

To apply for courses

Guaranteed admission

When you have been admitted to a bachelor's programme in chemistry you are also guaranteed admission on all mandatory courses for that programme, while master's students have guaranteed admission for all courses that are part of their recommended programme structure, which can be found under Master's programmes in the menu. The guaranteed admission is only valid if you apply for the courses as part of your programme, not if you apply for them as individual courses. Guaranteed admission means that you have a guaranteed spot on that course, but you are not automatically admitted to it. This is because the programme structure is only recommended and it is possible to organise your programme in different ways. For this reason you need to apply for your courses as a part of your programme for the coming semester. 

To apply for courses

This is done through and should be done before the 15th of October for courses taken during the spring semester and the 15th of April for courses taken during the autumn. Those applying for a bachelor's programme are automatically admitted to the courses for the first autumn semester and thus for that particular semester only need to do anything if they want to study different courses during that semester. 

To become registered for courses

To become registered for a course you must attend at rollcall. Date and time for the roll call can be found in the information and call to attend that is sent out two weeks before the course starts. After attending roll call the registration is carried out by the study administrator. If you have a valid reason for not attending roll call you need to get in touch with the student office well before roll call.