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KEMM29 Molecular spectroscopy - methods and applications

The course is worth 15 credits and runs full time during the second half of the spring semester.

The course introduces a variety of optical spectroscopy tools and methods for studying molecules and materials. Electronic processes that can be excited by light are considered. We discuss on an advanced level how these methods together with data analysis are used to investigate chemical and physical properties. Additionally, some spectroscopy skills are practiced is in a couple of laboratory sessions.

Course material and communication

The course use the teaching plattform Canvas to communicate with students registered on the course.
All available course material can be found on Canvas. 

The teaching plattform Canvas -

Course Coordinator

Course literature

Bernard Valeur 
Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications

Additional helping literature:
Atkins, P.W. & De Paula, J.
Physical Chemistry
Latest edition. Oxford University Press,

Claude Rulliere
Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Principles if Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Parson, William W
Modern Optical Spectroscopy