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KEMM58 Molecular quantum mechanics

The course is worth 7.5 credits and runs at half speed during the first half of the spring semester.

KEMM58 is a course in quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry. Students will learn the theory and approximations used for theoretical description of atoms, molecules and chemical reactions. The lectures and seminars are complimented by a computer lab, where modern computational software will be studied and used for solving problems in the general chemistry. 

Course material and communication

All online course material, course communication and other information can be found on Canvas. You will only have access to the course in Canvas after you have been registered. 

In case of absence

In case you are ill or will miss classes for any other reason you should report this to the course responsible teacher (Valera Veryazov) or, for the lab sections of the course, course assistant Ernst Dennis Larsson. 


KEMM58 Molecular Quantum Mechanics replaces KEMM28 Molecular Quantum Mechanics from spring term 2020

Course Coordinator

Valera Veryazov
046-222 3110

Course literature

Atkins P.W. and Friedman R.S. 
Molecular Quantum Mechanics
th ed. Oxford University Press 2011

Other lecturers

Course assistants

Ernst Dennis Larsson 

Course representative

Spring 2021
Simon Palmer

Course evaluations