Education in Chemistry

Lund University

Basic level courses

Basic level courses are primarily taken by those who are taking a bachelor's programme och cover basic principles and techniques. The available basic level chemistry courses are shown in the table below, where time of year they run and the pace they are taught at are also shown. Please note that Experimental protein chemistry and Chemistry of the Cell (only in autumn) are taught in English. All other courses are taught in Swedish. 

The course webpages are only available in the language that course is taught, while the syllabus is always available in both Swedish and English. 

CourseAutumn, period 1Autumn, period 2Spring, period 1Spring, period 2
KEMA01 Organic chemistry - basic courseHalf speedHalf speed
KEMA03 Biochemistry - basic courseHalf speedHalf speed
KEMA20 General chemistryFull speedFull speed
KEMB07 Surface and colloid chemistryFull speed
KEMB09 Physical chemistry - basic courseFull speed

KEMB16 Analytical chemistry

Full speed
KEMB21 Organic chemistryFull speed
KEMB22 Inorganic chemistryHalf speed
KEMB29 Spectroscopy and dynamicsHalf speed
KEMC03 Experimental protein chemistryFull speed, Eng
MOBA02 Chemistry of the cellFull speed, EngFull speed, Swe