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MOBA02 Chemistry of the cell

The course is worth 15 credits and runs full time during the second half of the autumn semester in English and the second half of the spring semester in Swedish. On this page you will find specific information about the English version of the course. For information about the swedish version, that runs in the spring, see the Swedish version of this webpage. 

The course aims to provide an increased understanding of the chemical reactions that take place in all living cells, focusing on understanding the enzymes that catalyse chemical reactions and how they are regulated. The metabolism of the cell is described in different sections of the course to understand how energy is made available through certain chemical reactions, that are used to power other chemical reactions. The lab part of the course consists of one lab where an enzyme is purified and characterised and a computer lab where you learn to use different basic bioinformatic tools. 

Course material and communication

Available course material and all communcation with students registered for the course can be found on Canvas.

The teaching plattform Canvas -

Course coordinator

Autumn semester
Henrik Stålbrand

Spring semester
Herwig Schüler

Course literature

Berg J.M., Tymoczko J.L. and Stryer L. 
Latest ed. W.H.Freeman and Co.

Course compendium