Education in Chemistry

Lund University

Anonymous exams

Exams at the Department of chemistry are anonymous, which means that after the exam has started you will be given an anonymous code. This is the code the lecturer marking the exam will see and report the result for. The lecturer does not have access to the "key" with person numbers and namnes. Thus a high degree of anonymity is achieved when marking the exam. 

Brief workflow

  • You register for the exam (this is for both the normal exam and re-exams)
  • You anonymous code is given to you by the exam guard
  • You write your anonymous code + an personal identifier on each sheet of paper that you hand in
  • The exam is marked anonymously

Filling in the exam title page

Carefully read the instructions on the front and back of the exam title page and fill in the required fields. The anonymous code is written at the bottom of the title page and all other handed in sheets of paper. The same is true for the personal identifier.

Personal identifier - a word that you choose yourself, something you will remember and can refer to if something should be wrong with the anonymous code. 

You can find instructions for how to fill in the exam title page here.

Finding your anonymous code after the exam

If you want to gain access to your anonymous code, which is good to now when the exam is being shown, you can find it in the Student portal from the day after the exam.