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Registering for the exam

How do I register?

When the registration for the regular exam for a course has opened an e-mail will be sent to all students who are registered/re-registered on the course for that semester. No e-mail is sent when registrations for re-exams open.

You register through the Student portal, both if you are taking the regular exam and if you are taking the re-exam. 

Normally registration opens three weeks before the exam and remains open for two weeks, the registration deadline will be in the e-mail.

Finding where to register in the Student portal:

- For courses that are currently running that your are registered/re-registered for there are links to the exams (for those courses which the registration for the exam is open) in the column to the left. 

- For old courses, that you are not re-registered for but are only taking the exam for, you will not find any links on the start page. Instead you have to find the course in the column to the right ("Unfinished"). Click on the course, then on "Results" in the menu to the left and find the relevant element. There you will find registering for the exam.

It is very important to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend!

I can not register!

All registration is done through the Student portal.
Registration opens three weeks before the exam and closes one week before the exam. 
If registration is open but you still can not register, please contact the Student office at

I forgot to register!

If you have not registered you may still be allowed to take the exam, but this is no guarantee as it is dependent on available space (both physical desk space, but also number of exam copies available). If you are assinged a seat you do not write the exam anonymously, but write your name and person number on the handed in exam.

Students who have not registered must contact the exam guard before the exam starts to write their name on an attendance sheet. IF there are a limited number of spots in the exam hall any student that has not registered must wait (up to 60 minutes) to be assigned a seat.