Education in Chemistry

Lund University

When the exam has been marked

When the exam has been marked the result will be registered in Ladok and you can see it in the Student portal. You will also be given an opportunity to attend an exam viewing, where you can see your exam and discuss the result with the course coordinator. Time for the exam viewing is communicated through the normal channels for that course.

Can I appeal my grade?

The examiner grades your exam after thoroughly examining it. It is not possible to appeal the examiner's desicion for your grade. However, there are regulations about correction and re-evaluation of desicions in Swedish laws relating to higher education ("förvaltningslagen" and "högskoleförordningen"). According to "högskoleförordningen" chapter 6 paragraph 24 the examiner should change the grade if:

  1. the desicion if obviously incorrect and
  2. the desicion can be changed quickly and easily and
  3. it does not mean a lowering for the grade

The first condition, that the desicion is obviously incorrect, means that the examiner should not need to do any more thorough evaluation of the decided grade unless they have special reason to. 
The second condition, that the desicion can be changed quickly and easily, means that there is normally no obligation to re-assess the desicion if it requires additional evaluation of the case.

If you as a student want to appeal the decided grade you should do so in writing and clearly state what is obviously incorrect. The examiner will evaluate and make a desicion regarding your request. 

To get your exam back

After the exam viewing the exams are left at the Information desk, where they can be picked up by the students after showing a valid ID.