Education in Chemistry

Lund University


If you have not passed parts of a course and need to retake them, you first need to re-register for that course. This means you do not need to apply for that course again. Information about re-registration can be found here. 

Applying for re-registration

You apply for re-registration of a course by emailing the Student office at You will then be re-registered for the missing credits, meaning the specific parts of the course that you have not passed, and these are the only parts you need to retake. This means that if you, for example, have finished the labs for a course and recieved a passing grade in Ladok you do not need to retake them. 

When you re-register you should state name, lucat-id, course, if you want to be assigned to a group (for labs or similar), and for which semester you wish to be re-registered. 

When you have been re-registered you will gain access to all digital course material, such as the course page on Canvas. 

When can you re-register?

You can apply for re-registration as soon as the course where you were first registered has finished, applications are accepted throughout the year. Generally, it is good if you apply before the part of the course you want to retake has started, but for labs and similar that require you to be assigned to a group you should apply before the start of the course. Re-registration in Ladok occurs at the start of the course. If you apply for re-registration after the start of the course it will be registered when it is recieved. 

Regarding becoming assigned to a group: you will only be assigned to a group if there are available spots. This means that if the course if full and there is no space in any groups you will not be able to retake those parts during that specific installment of the course, but will need to do it the next time the course is run. 

Call to attend and roll call

If you have applied for and will be re-registered for a course you will not recieve a new call to attend it. You will also not be called at roll call. 

Re-registration of old courses

It is possible to re-register for courses that are no longer offered for up to one year after they have been discontinued. After that it may be possible to consider passed parts of old courses as part of current courses. If you have questions regarding this please contact the Student office

When retaking exams

You do not need to re-register for a course if you only need to retake the exam. You are allowed to, and it may be a good idea to gain access to the latest material for the course, but it is not a requirement. 

However, to be allowed to retake an exam you must always register for that exam