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New/prospective student

Welcome! How great that your are considering studying chemistry at Lund University!

We offer a master's programme with three specialisations that in detail explore different areas of chemistry, as well as bachelor's programmes, taught in Swedish, that provide a thorough foundation in all areas of chemistry. Our programmes hold a very high standard, with a large focus on laboratory work and practical execises, and our lecturers are leading in their areas of chemistry, both in Sweden and internationally. As a student in Lund you are in close proximity to the latest research and the geographical location in the middle of the creative and innovative Öresund region, close to several large industries and research centres, is a large asset during your studies and for future career options. 

We offer a wide selection of courses in chemistry, covering bachelor's programmes and a master's programme with three different specialisations. 


Bachelor's programmes

Master's programmes

The studies take place at the Chemical centre, which is equipped with its own library, modern facilities and laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment. 

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World class teachers

All our courses are taught by competent teachers that also do research. Many courses also have dedicated course assistants, that teach labs and exercises and are post graduate students with their own research projects. The combination of leading scientists teaching the principles and theories of their subjects together with the post graduates teaching practical methods they themselves use in their own work, ensure high quality teaching that is anchored in currently ongoing research.  

Examples of the scientists and professors you may meet during your education can be found here:

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Or read more about what our different research groups work with:

Research at the Department of chemistry

The union welcomes you

As a student and the Faculty of science you are welcome to join the science student union (LUNA), that includes the chemist education student organisation (KERUB). The student's union primarily works with monitoring the education, to maintain a high quality in all science education at Lund University. Apart from monitoring education the union also organises social activities, provides industry contacts, organises career days and seminars. They also organise welcoming activities for new students. 



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