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Newly admitted student

Congratulation to your choice of education!
As a new student at the Department of Chemistry, there are some things that are good to know:

Introduction and welcome letter

All our courses start with a mandatory introductory meeting. It is important that you participate in the meeting where the director of studies will inform you about things you need to know as a student at the Department of Chemistry.

About two weeks before the start of the course, you will receive a welcome letter for your course via email. The letter contains information about when and where the introductory meeting takes place, information about the course, links to how to activate your student account, how to register and how to log in to Lund University's learning platform Canvas etc.

If you have not received your welcome letter look among the spam, unfortunately our emails end up there sometimes. If you have not received your welcome letter, contact

We arrange introductory activities for our master's students. Schedule for these can be found in the learning platform Canvas.


You must register for the courses you want to study via your student account.

Log in to 

On the start page, you can see which courses you have been admitted to and how many days are left until registration closes. Click on register to register for the course. Information about the course and the meaning of registration is shown. Click confirm. The course is now shown under Current courses and your status on the course is "Registered".

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact:

Schedule and course literature

For current schedules and course litterature for our courses, please visit the course webpage.

Link to the course webpages

You can also find schedules on TimeEdit.

Link to the TimeEdit webpage


Canvas is a web-based education platform. If you are admitted to a course you will get access to the course's canvas page 1 week before the course starts.

On the Canvas page you will find important information during the course, such as schedule, literature instructions, contact information, instructions, course material and more. You log in with your Student Account.

Log in to Canvas here

KERUB, Chemist students council

KERUB is the chemists' local student council working with education and student activities at departmental level. KERUB has a facebook page and you can contact the president directly via

KERUB is part of LUNA (see below)

LUNA, the Science Student Union

As a student at the Faculty of Science you belong to the Science Student Union LUNA. The main objective of the Science Student Union is to monitor and participate in the development of education and conditions for students at the Faculty of Science. The student union also arrange recreation activities and create an interface between you and your future career.

Link to LUNA’s website

Things to do as a newly admitted student

On the Lund University’s central web pages, you find general information about what you have to do as a newly admitted student. There you also find a student guide and practical information for your day-to-day life in Sweden.

Lund University’s central web pages for newly admitted students
Lund University’s central web pages about student life in Lund