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Lund University

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Simon Palmer

What are you studying?

I am currently studying my thrid year of the bachelor's programme in chemistry.

Why did you choose to study chemistry?

I really liked chemistry in high school. After high school I waited with applying to university for one year and considered a large number of different programmes but as I waited longer I only got more sure that chemistry seemed the most interesting.

What is best about your education?

The best thing with the programme is to get to take very different courses, but that are still clearly connected. Even if every course is about new aspects of chemistry they always build on what came before and there is a very clear progression from the first course to graduation. 

What is the most fun with chemistry?

The most fun thing is to learn how everything is connected and functions, from individual electrons and atomic nuclei to diseases and materials. Since chemistry is so broad it is also natural to study many other subjects, from physics to biology to environmental studies and geology. 

What are your plans for the future?

Right now my plans stretch no further than to continuing with a master's programme in chemistry. I think all courses I have taken so far have been very interesting but hopefully I will figure out what I like the most and can continue working with something related to that. 

What tips do you have for future students?

To try to keep at good balance between your studies and everything else in your life. It is easy, especially if you move to Lund directly after high school, to get lost in nations, spex, carnevals and many other typical student activities but there are also many who feel stressed over having so much responsibility and do not let themselves have enough free time. It is important to take it easy and actually make sure to have fun for your studies to stay fun and interesting.