Education in Chemistry

Lund University

The application process

We are glad that you are thinking about applying for an education in chemistry at Lund University! Here you can find information about the application process and the different forms being admitted to a program can take. You can also find a lot of information on the Lund University central webpages, linked to the right (below for mobile). 


Application to our programmes do done through , which also provides detailed information about how to apply.  

Admission, for bachelor's in several stages

Admission to a bachelor's programme or individual courses has two stages, while for admission to the master's programmes you just receive one offer of admission. 

For bachelor's programmes or courses the first offer of admission will arrive in the middle of July for the autumn semester and the beginning of December for the spring. You have to reply to this to keep your spot! 

Before admission round two those programmes with spots left will open for late admission. If you have agreed to a spot you do not need to reapply in this round. After the second round you will recieve a new offer of admission, which arrives in the beginning of August for the autumn semester and the end of December for spring. If you, after recieving this offer, wish to give up your spot you can do that at

Different offers of admission

When you recieve your offer of admission there are a few different forms it can have:


Contratulations, you have been admitted to the programme you applied for at the Department of chemistry! As long as you accept you are guaranteed a spot and are ready to start your studies. 

Conditionally accepted

If you have applied for individual courses, or a master's programme, you can be conditionally accepted. The means that you have been accepted, provided that the requirements stated in your acceptance letter are fulfilled. This could, for example, that you must pass a certain course you are currently taking, or that you must have applied for or obtained a bachelor's degree. You must be able to prove that you have fulfilled these requirements latest at rolcall for your first course.  

Accepted as a reserve

If you have been accepted as a reserve it means that all spots for the programme have been filled and you have been placed on a reserve waiting list. If there are cancellations or drop-outs from the programme new students will be accepted from this list. You should recieve information about how high up the list your are in your acceptance letter, and due to quotas it is possible to be on several lists for the same programme.

If you are accepted from the reserve list it can be with very short notice. You will be notified if you have been offered admission latest one week after the course has started. 

Introduction meeting and registration

At the start of each course there will be an introduction meeting (roll call). It is compulsory to attend roll call if you have been accepted for a programme and for you to keep your spot on the course/programme. If you can not attend roll call you must notify us of this beforehand. Registration on the course and programme you have been admitted on will occur shortly after the introduction meeting. You have to be registered to be eligible for student loans and benefits from CSN.

You will find information about time and plase for roll call in the information and call to attend that is sent out no later than one week before the start of the course, as well as in the course schedule that can be found on the course webpage for each course.