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Student office

The Student office (contact details to the right, below for mobile) can help you with all your study-related questions. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone or visit us and we will do our best to help you.

The study counselour has the following reception times:
Monday - Friday
13.00 - 14.00
If you need to book another time, see contact details.

The Director of Studies' door is always open, but we recommend that you book an appointment if you want to talk about something specific.

Who do I ask?

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to turn to, depending on what you want fixed, answered or talk about. If what you are looking for can not be found on our webpage those working at the Student office can help you with the following:

Director of studies

Various types of exemptions, reserach projects, cheating and plagiarism, SI, studies abroad, issues during your studies (for example if you feel you have not been treated fairly, or you are suspected to not have fulfilled your obligations)


Becoming registered for courses, reporting results, administrative questions about exams or degree projects.

Study adviser

Guidance and layout of your studies, available courses, about courses, questions about eligibility, degree projects, credit transfer, person to contact for students with disabilities, leave from studies, graduation, admission, career and alumni, other study-related questions and issues with your studies not listed here

Head of department

Discrimination, victimisation, harassment


If you are treated badly, including discrimination, victimisation and harassment, by teachers, supervisors, other students or others at the university then it is important that you talk to someone about it. Apart from the Director of studies and Head of department you can also turn to the chemistry student safety officers at the student's union, David Pålsson/Vendela Gustavsson. All contact is confidential and they can in many cases proceed with a case without revealing your identity, but will do nothing without your consent. More information can be found at LUNAs webpage.

If you feel stressed or troubled you are welcome to talk to the Director of studies or the Study adviser. You shoul also contact the student health counseling

For course specific questions, or questions about the content of an exam please turn to the course coordinator for that course, which can be found on the course webpage for each course. For questions about the general safety regulations you should start by asking the course assistants for your course. 

The Student office

Director of Studies
Sophie Manner

Telephone: +46-46-222 83 63

Study counselour
Lovisa Andersson
Telephone: +46-46-222 83 57

Department administrator
Åse Hofwing
Telephone: +46-46-222 83 49

Lab engineer
Saywan Jamal 
Telephone: +46-46-222 83 59

Head of department

Leif Bülow
Telephone: +46-46-222 83 40


Visitor's adress:
Kemicentrum, Hus I.
Sölvegatan 39, ingång B

Postal adress:
Avdelningen för kemisk grundutbildning
Box 124
221 00 LUND