Education in Chemistry

Lund University


The Chemical centre

The Chemical centre, or Kemicentrum, is one of the largest centres for chemistry research and education in Scandinavia. The Chemical centre encompasses all areas of chemistry within the Natural science Faculty (NF) and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), which are a part of Lund University. The Chemical centre is located In the nothern university campus in Lund, about 8 minutes by bus from the town centre. 

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The Chemical centre is comprised of three departments:

Department of chemistry

Department of chemical engineering (in Swedish)

Department of food technology, engineering and nutrition

The bachelor's and master's programmes in chemistry are part of the Department of chemistry. 

Department of chemistry

The department of chemistry is organised into four research centres consisting of one or several divisions that either belong to NF or LTH. These are the research centres/divisions that involved in the NF chemistry education. They in turn often consist of several research groups and research projects. 

Biochemistry and structural biology

Physical chemistry

Chemical physics

Centre for analysis and synthesis, CAS

Theoretical chemistry

Education management and organisation

Chemistry education at the Department of chemistry is lead by a Director of studies, to which this has been delegated by the Head of department who is ultimately responsible, and a committee for education (GU-committee). The administration for the organisation includes a study advisor and a study administrator, as well as a lab engineer that maintains and prepares the course labs on floor 0 for labs carried out there. Every area of chemistry has a Head Lecturer (HUL), which is responsible for monitoring education in that area.

The chemistry education also includes roughly 30 teachers that are also researchers in its various courses. 

Head lecturers

Every area of chemistry has a head lecturer (HUvudLärare in Swedish, or HUL), who is responsible for monitoring education within that area. Below you find the contact information for all HUL at chemistry: 

Margareta Sandahl                        
Analytical chemistry

Jens Uhlig                      
Chemical physics

Karin Schillén                          
Physical chemistry

Ola Wendt 
Inorganic chemistry

Valera Veryazov                 
Theoretical chemistry

Peter Somfai           
Organic chemistry

Urban Johanson        
Biochemistry and Structural biology