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Lintang Hizbullah - Ph.D. Candidate

My bachelor’s degree is in: Inorganic Chemistry from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
I graduated year: 2014
My master’s degree is in: Inorganic Chemistry from Lund University, Sweden
I graduated year: 2021

Lintang Hizbullah. Foto.
Lintang Hizbullah. Foto.

I am a Ph.D. student in Prof. Ebbe Nordlander's group, part of the Chemical Physics Division at Lund University. Here I work on the development of antimalarial drugs where I enhance organometallic compounds to be an active antiparasitic agents. Most of the work is literature study, chemical synthesis, compound activity determination, and writing for dissemination.

From my education, I have had great use especially of my advanced laboratory work routine, my familiarity in handling chemicals, and my abilities to design, work, and evaluate experiments.

The best things with my bachelor’s/master’s programme and my time in Lund:

I have great times in class as well as outside. The Professors are welcome and reachable whenever I have questions. The environment in Lund is very international, I met people from around the globe and had a conversation with other students which give me a new perspective on many things. And I love Fika as well...!!

Why should prospective students choose to study Chemistry at Lund University?

You should study at Lund University because it has outstanding facilities for research, access for improving academic capability, and they care about the well-being of the student as well.