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KEMM77 Advanced surface and colloid chemistry

The course is worth 15 credits and runs full time during the second half of the autumn semester.

The aim of the course is to provide advanced physical-chemical knowledge within the field of Surface and Colloid Chemistry, based on a molecular perspective, as well as a quantitative understanding of a selection of fundamental colloid and interfacial phenomena. In  the course,  basic principles of intermolecular interactions and thermodynamics are linked to applications in  biological systems and technical applications, including cell membranes, drug formulations, food applications, etc. Different experimental physico-chemical techniques are also introduced in the lectures as well as the laboratory exercises. 


NOTE! The schedule for autumn 2022 is preliminary!

Course material and communication

Online course material, course communication and other information can be found on Canvas.

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Course literature

D.F. Evans D.F., Wennerström H.
The Colloidal Domain, Where Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology Meet
2nd edition, Wiley, 1999