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KEMC03 Experimental protein chemistry

The course is worth 15 credits and runs full time during the first half of the autumn semesters. 

"The course has a large focus on laboratory work, which is good since you really learn to use a lot of improtant biochemistry lab techniques."

The course aims to give and increased understanding and practical experience of protein chemistry, focusing on different methods for protein purification and characterisation, for example with mass spectrometry and spectroscopy. The course brings up proteins from the perspective of handling complex proteomes and sequence analyses proceeding with isolation of a single pure protein that is analyzed, as also shown in this folder:

Experimental Protein Chemistry (KEMC03)

Course material and communication

Course material and all communication with students registered for the course is available in Canvas. You will only have access to the course in Canvas after you have been registered. 

In case of absence

In case you are ill or will miss the mandatory labs for any other reason you should report this to the responsible course assistant, which is stated on the schedule. 

Course coordinator

Course literature

Price N. C. and Nairn J.
Exploring proteins. A student's guide to experimental skills and methods
Latest ed. Oxford University Press

Course compendium

Other lecturers

Henrik Stålbrand 
046-222 82 02

Hans-Erik Åkerlund
046-222 83 45

Katja Bernfur
0731-57 13 66

Herwig Schüler
046-222 49 64

Course representative HT21

Valdemar Öhnström
Saleh Moradi