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Floriane Baussière - PhD Candidate

My bachelor’s degree is in: Biochemistry
My bachelor’s degree is from: University of Geneva
I graduated year: 2017
My master’s degree is in: Organic Chemistry
My master’s degree is from: Lund University
I graduated year: 2019

Floriane Baussière. Photo.
Floriane Baussière. Photo.

I am now a PhD candidate in Organic Chemistry at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, where I work with photoredox catalysis (generation of radicals by irradiation with visible light) and antibiotics. The work is varied - from designing synthetic pathways to investigating unexpected mechanisms via fully analyzing compounds - and allows a lot of freedom for coming up with your own ideas, which I highly enjoy. Something from my studies that comes in handy everyday in my work is all the lab training received during my education as well as the exercises sessions that helped me develop my problem-solving skills.

The best things with my education and time in Lund:

The close contact with the professors and their habit of, when time allowed it, focusing on specific topics that you liked, just because they knew you were interested in it. I am also grateful to everyone in the research group that took me in for my Master project, for giving me hands-on experience in research and encouraging me to believe in myself as a chemist. I have learned so much from them.

And of course, the student life. There is something special and perfect about studying at Lund University, and the social aspect plays a big part in it. It would be too long to describe, why not go there and see for yourself?

Why should prospective students choose to study a Master’s in Chemistry at Lund University?

Are you looking for a university where you can receive a great education while enjoying cozy afternoons at cafés with your friends or partying with people from all over the world? Then check out Lund University, it might be the perfect match for you.